Here is some info about the event director, history of the ROAD-odend-RUN, and information if you or your business are interested in sponsoring the 2020 event:          

I am the boys’ cross-country and track & field coach at Olympia High School, one of my athletes (Colin O'Leary) and I started a unique running relay race called the ROAD-odend-RUN for his senior project. I have since continued the run as an affordable community event to help promote running in the area with any proceeds going back into supporting youth running in the Olympia area.  In 2012 it was snowing profusely and still about 80 teams competed. The proceeds each year go to help fund trips for the Olympia boys’ cross-country and track teams, to fund prizes for an all-area middle school cross-country races that I put on at LBA park in the fall after our high school races, to fund the website, and to pay for other Olympia high school cross-country and track-related expenses.

      I want for the ROAD-odend-RUN to continue being an affordable, high quality, community event for all ages that will help support youth running in the area and promote running in general. Any donations from local businesses would be greatly appreciated in order for it to be a high quality endeavor. If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if your business could sponsor this race in some way by donating food/services for the event itself and/or gift certificates for winners and random drawings. Your business logo would be put on the race brochure and if desired you would be more than welcome to set up an informational booth at the race itself.  If you have other ideas for promotion feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration,

 Jesse Stevick

Boys’ Cross-Country and Track & Field Coach at Olympia High School


1733 North Street SE

Olympia, WA  98501

(360) 455-5282
























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